The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More: Story One

Roald Dahl (First Published in 1977).

Henry Sugar!

Story one: the boy who talked with animals.

This is a story about a boy who could talk to a turtle. I like turtles :-) anyway back to the point, this is a story written in third person.

The setting is on a Paradise Island. There's a boy who can talk to turtles. Everyone is on holidays.

There is this giant turtle and they have argument at the hotel about making turtle soup.
Eventually this boy comes and he doesn't like that they are going to make turtle soup and turtle steak. The boy tries to free the turtle, and he jumps on top of it. This is very dangerous as the adults think the turtle might kill the boy. The parents brought the turtle for the boy.

The point of this story is to amuse people and to keep them entertained. This is because it is a Roald Dahl story and that is what he tries to do. The meaning of the story is even though the boy is, well, a boy, he still has a lot of power. His power comes from his feelings and his belief that freeing the turtle is the right thing to do. I enjoyed the story and I am waiting for my Mum to read the next one to me :-).

Turtle Riding