My Father's Day Present

Today is Father's Day so I decided to make my dad a present. I made him a card. This card is special because it is a notebook.

Front Cover

Now you may be wondering why I made that--just because I wanted to. Inside of the notebook I also made some origami and I printed the words I wrote. I can read them to you now.

"Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day! I hope you like your little gift. By the way, I got you two gifts and one of them is this very card! So well yeah have a nice Father's Day and turn the page..." The Message

I made a shirt out of money then I did an acrostic poem with "love Alistair". I decided to draw a little bit because I got a bit bored on one page. And I drew a little wizard, a tree with quite a few leaves, and a red panda sitting in the tree. This is dad's book.

Drawings and Origami